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100% Organic Ingredients

Healing Balm have been reported to be effective for the following patient issues:
1. Tissue (muscle, ligament, soft tissue) pain and nerve sensitivity after surgery. Has been incredibly effective for the most nerve sensitive surgeries, such as mastectomy and dialysis venous fusions.
2. Swelling: Quick reduction of swelling after injury
3. Dry extremities (such as the feet) as a result of blood pressure medication
4. Bruising prevention: for those elderly patients with thinning skin who bruise easily, application of salve over reachable areas of the body every morning, prevents bruising that occurs throughout the day. Also best used in the fighting ring to prevent bruising and swelling to the face (an excellent vaseline substitute).
5. Overnight therapy: For those patients who need continuation of significant trauma during sleep due to muscle strain/tears/contusions and swelling. Packing salve on and covering during sleep continues therapeutic progress. This includes broken toes, fingers, ankle sprains, etc. 
6. Acute injury to tissue: torn, ruptured, strained, pulled tissue during athletic training (application during acute stage is most effective).
7. Surgical bruising: a controlled massage of the salve in bruising areas around surgical incision helps to reduce inflammation, pain and bruising to assist in the faster recovery time.
8. Accidents: Bruising and contusions to the tissue of any kind for any reason. baseball or softball injuries from sliding, dropping things on toes, slamming fingers in doors/drawers, falls, fights, etc. 

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